If you were around at Canzine, you probably got a peek at these two newbies… now we’ve got the remaining copies in the shop for y’all!

Living Well is the Best Revenge is a new zine by the other half of BOTY, Dimitri Karakostas. 32 pages of two things Dimitri Karakostas loves most: skateboarding and his wife. Surprise! Probably contains boobs.

32 pages, color cover/bw inside laser printed, 4.25x5.5.

Meet Me in the Parking Lot is Christian Stearry’s long overdue debut with BOTY. As longtime fan’s of his work, we’re pretty excited about this zine. 20 pages of new skate-and-graffiti related paintings and drawings. Check out his blog, he’s pretty dope y’all.

20 pages, color cover/bw inside, unnumbered edition of 30.

Check em out, y’all! As usual, we will post a flip-through as we start to run out of physicals! Also, shout out to all the new homies we met at Canzine yesterday! Pleased to meet y’all!

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