It’s been a week of celebration over here at the BOTY studio, and we’re extremely proud to present the release of our 75th zine!

Format Perspective is an exhibition catalog that features most of our favorite active skate artists and photographers… jam packed with lots of work to get psyched on, this zine is gorgeous. Bound to get skaters and non-skaters alike really excited to make something.

Work by Andrew Pommier, Alexis Gross, Alex Irvine, Aaron Wynia, Brent Goldsmith, Bertrand Trichet, Brendan Megannety, Brad Westcott, Christian Stearry, Dimitri Karakostas, Dylan Davies, David Cooper, Jeremy Jansen, Josh Hicke, Jonathan Leblanc, Jamie Shaw, Marco Hernandez, Nils Svensson, Phillip Abbott, Richard Gillian, Sonia Bartlett, Shawn Whisenant, Sergej Vutuc, Stuart Robinson, Steph Mill, T. Reilly Hodgson, and the Zenga Bros. 

Format Perspective
40 pages | B&W 
Edition of 50 
BOTY075 | 2012 

 | Grab it in the shop!

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    this is a really good one and it’s only 5 bucks, GET IT
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    check it out/ pick one up. great photos, good friends, and a picture of me gettin gnar, dude
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