We’ve been waiting a while now to be able to announce this show, but we’re really excited to finally tell you we’ll be in Vancouver next week!
Our pals at Color Magazine + Comune have invited us out West to host a photo show at Dutil in Gastown, so we gathered a tight crew of photographers and are going for it! We’re super proud to present Never Comply.

Never Comply | July 14 2012 at Dutil (303 West Cordova St.)
afterparty at the Biltmore with special guest DJ’s.

facebook rsvp + info: art show / after party

We’re going to be in Vancouver from the 13th - 16th. If you want to take us on an adventure drop us a line!

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    there’s a few homies from the D/A DOOM CREW that will have work in this show! VANCOUVER DON’T SLEEP!
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