British photographer Liz Hingley has been awarded the 2012 Prix Virginia for The Jones Family, a series of photographs depicting poverty and deprivation in the UK

The Prix Virginia is an international award dedicated to women photographers, which recognises the importance of their work in an industry often dominated by men.

"I generally feel lucky as a woman photographer to be appreciated as the minority," Liz Hingley tells BJP. “[Women are] under-represented, yes – but we are strong. I never feel hindered as a woman photographer.”

The young photographer was selected almost unanimously – receiving seven out of eight votes – by a jury that included, among others, The Sunday Times Magazine's photo editor, Monica Allende, curator Christian Caujolle, Agnès Sire of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, and Lucy Conticello of Le Monde's magazine M.

"It is particularly exciting to be the first to win the prize. This is a new body of work for me, which has yet to be published, and I am still unsure about the final editing, so it is wonderful and inspiring to have such positive feedback."

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