Yo dudes!
Lots of new zines dropped this past few weeks… in case you missed out!

Black Spring - Jordan Sullivan
Dirty Hands III - Ian Bird
:( :) :( - Miller Rodriguez / Pretty Puke
Moonage Daydream - Sonia D’Argenzio
Criminals: Vandalizing Springfield
For What It’s Worth - Dimitri Karakostas
Vacancy - Patrick O’Rourke
Harder Harmonies - Corrado Dalco
Anything Else - Giangiacomo Pepe
Sweet Life - Cuauhtémoc Suárez
The Picture from Space Shows your Teeth - Brian Merriam
Lost in Last Year - Jesse Feinman
I’ve Always said “Fuck the Police”
…and we have four copies of the Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30 book left! 

We restocked sizes of the 'Boring People' pocket tee and put the rest of Winter 2012’s tees on sale.

For those asking- our open studio hours will resume again in the springtime. No point during these class 3 killstorms. Just give us a shout if ya need us!

Oh, yeah- the point of this post!
Since we’re snowed in working on spring’s set of zines and gear, we’re going to toss everything in the shop on sale for the rest of the week!
In addition to the already discounted items, use these codes for other bonuses!
-‘skynet’ for $5 off a beanie or a watch!
-‘damnyousnow’ for 10% every zine!
-‘deathcount’ for 15% all softgoods! 

Also! Every order over $30 will get a copy of the as-of yet unreleased $40,000 zine for free!

You already know where to go! Sale ends on Valentine’s Day, where we’ve got another treat for y’all… 

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