OK - today on the chopping block is Bad Teeth zine. Issues 1,2, and 3 showed up in our mailbox a little while ago, coming in all the way from Australia.

The reason why bands dress up in silly costumes and do things like pyrotechnic stage shows at their concerts is that they’ve figured out that 100 photographs of guys playing guitar is boring as hell.
When I started going to punk shows and the internet didn’t exist, I remember always loving seeing sloppy zines like this when bands from the city would come play in my shitty town because it was the only way to connect with what was going on locally. However, I can’t give these zines a good review because I have no idea who anyone in them are. Its all about context. Australia is as far away as you could possibly be. or shit, maybe I’m just not punk enough anymore. You be the judge.

Scratch that TOBY logo in on Joey Ramone’s headstone then knock it over homie!!

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    Shitty review of some shitty zine. Stop being sloppy Australia. Get some context.
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